Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Invest-world.net Pays 10 cents per post!

Hey my precious readers!! Here's  another fantabulous GPT forum (get-paid-to) for you all. This site is as useful, informative, trust-worthy and "money making" as Earningplace.com. (If you missed my piece on Earningplace.com , check out Earningplace.com Forum - Encyclopedia of Online Money Making Programs)
My latest find is Invest-World.net.This site has no referral program, so I am gaining nothing from this post. But I want you to take full advantage of the forum till June.

What is so brilliant about Invest world GPT  forum?
They pay 10 cents per post!
I have not come across any other forum that pays us 10 cents per post. Cool or what. :)

Gist of what Invest World is all about:
1. Every post is a payable post and you get $0.1per post (Until 1 June, 2010)
2. Minimum payout at $5.
3. Payment credited to you within 24 hours.
4. Posts in "International group of Categories" should be in English. There are language based categories like Russian and Chinese, for those who are interested.
5. Payment processors: LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.
I will be posting the payment proof in a day's time. Hope this helps you in earning some more $$. Happy earnings and God bless!


redamethyst said...

wow, looks interesting. I will try this too.

Warren said...

I have been getting 10 cents a post for over 6 months now as you can see on http://USClickAds.com/free

Ads Star said...

Rox, Thanks for sharing my happiness for my prizelive 3rd cashout =)

This article had attract me to look at the site you recommend. It seems easy to earn bit more... will go and take a look on tomorrow :)

Thank you for always sharing!

kingsizewe said...

I like your blog. I didn't know that there are forums, which pay for posting. Thank you a lot. I am your follower now as kingsizewe: Please, be mine follower on: http://netdollarz.blogspot.com/

All the best!

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