Sunday, April 18, 2010 Forum - Encyclopedia of Online Money Making Programs

A friend of mine whom I trust immensely told me about forum. I had some doubts about HYI or High Yield Income Fund programs. I was unsure of where to invest money. Anyone who knows about these programs will tell you this:
1. 95% of HYI sites are scams or turn into scams eventually.
2. All these sites either use or as the payment processor to invest and withdraw money. I needed to know which HYI sites were reputed and still paying their members. I also needed a place I could earn e-currency to use my Liberty Reserve account. The answer to my question was . It is literally an Encyclopedia of information when it comes to all sorts of Online money making sites.

Plus, pays you to participate in the forum! You learn about money making opportunities, scams, reputed sites and, you earn in the process. I can't ask for anything better. Woohoo (*doing my happy dance*) To join Forum, Click and Register below:
Earning Palace

Here are a few pointers to get you started at the forum:

1. Earnings -  * Replay Post - $0.03 and New Thread - $0.04
* Earn $0.25 from referring people to by using your referral link

2. Minimum Payout - $4 to Liberty Reserve OR $6 to Paypal.

3. Contests - Daily contests that can allow you to earn from $0.50 to even $10! These contests are really easy to win. My friend has won it several times before. I joined the site 2 days ago and am sure to win a few in due course too. ;-)

1. Before starting, read the rules and guidelines, so that you don't get penalized with infractions.
2. There are a few sections in the forum that are just for fun and not for earning. So read the rules you guys and gals.

The moment I cash out, I will be posting my payment proof. Then I plan to invest this money in other programs so that the money multiples. So watch out for more news! :) 


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