Friday, April 16, 2010

Neobux - Payment Proofs 1 and 2

If you have been trying to earn money online and have not joined Neobux you have been missing out on one of the best PTC (Paid-to-Click) sites there ever was. If you don't believe me, just take a look at the payment proofs I have pasted below. 

To join Neobux, Go to:

Everyday, you are shown 4-5 ads. On clicking each of these ads you earn 1 cent. The minimum payout amount is set at $2.00 (USD) for your first payout, $3.00 for the second, $4.00 for the third and so on until $10.00. Payment is instant and you can use Paypal, Alertpay or Neteller.

The trick here is to make the first $2.00, cashout and then show around your payment proof so that you can get referrals. These would be your direct referrals and you will earn from their clicks too! Not just this, if you are really bad at marketing and are unable to get direct referrals, you can also rent (buy) referrals. So now, take a fraction of the $2.00 you made with no investment, and buy 3 referrals. Once you reach the next cash out, repeat the process. This way your referrals will increase and so will your earnings. In the long run, the money you put into buying referrals will be less than the amount you make. So you end up making a profit.I will be following up this post with the Math behind this. So look out for that. If you have any questions, just drop me a comment. Happy earning! cheering

Neobux Payment Proof 2

Neobux Payment Proof 1


Warren said...

Do the math carefully, the only one who makes any real money in Neobux referrals is Neobux. I have a free account now with only Direct referrals and make $25 a month.

Rox said...

Hey Warren. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree with you that Neobux does make money when one rents referrals. But is the referrals are good, the member stands to make profits too. Nothing like having direct referrals. But unfortunately not all of us are good at finding direct referrals.

Ads Star said...

Dear Rox, Thanks for sharing the tips of using neobux. It is the 1st PTC site i joined when i start earning online. But, It seems very difficult to get a direct referral for this site, maybe it is too popular, and many ppl joined it already. Anyway, i will still continue to use it since it is a honest site. :)

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