Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to identify Scams? - For Newbies and Veterans alike

All of us who experiment with money making programs take risks. When we become members of any money making sites, PTCs, GPT, paid-to-signup, HYIP programs, Forex and so on, we can never be a 100 % sure and say that the site/program will not turn into a "Scam". However, if you have been involved in the money making business long enough, then you can identify the telltale signs of most scams.As a newbie, most of us come across some scams and then learn from our mistakes. Here's hoping that you don't have to encounter too many such scam websites. To help you do just that, I thought I would jot down a check-list to identify scams.

Check-list to Identify SCAMS

1. Payment Proofs: Before joining any site, go to their forum and see if you can spot recent payment proofs. It is important to look out for recent proofs, so you know that the site is still paying its members. Many sites start off OK and then turn into scams. Looking for recent proofs will minimize the risk.If you can't find any in the site's forum, google it.

2. Too Good to be True: If a site seems "too good to be true", then it is probably (not possibly, but probably) "too good to be true". Stay away from sites that say things such as cashout at $500; invest $10 and you get back $5000 in 2 months etc. I leant this from my experience with

3. Copyrights information: At the bottom of the page check for what the copyrights information says. Is it too old? Is it missing? All signs of tentative scams.

4. "Contact Us" page: Most Scam sites have a really lame "Contact Us" page or the page may even be non-existant. So ensure that the information there is at the very least "real-looking".

5. Check Forums: Forums such as and are great places to do research before joining any site. Check and find out what sort of experience other members have had with the site you want to join. Are they happy with it? Are they complaining about it? Have the sites' earning rates gone down? You can get very valuable information in such forums.

The last bit of advice that I have is that if you ever do get scammed by any site, leave an Alexa rating and tell people in forums, so that others can learn from your experience. Once this is done, just learn and move on.
Happy earnings! :)


Jayce the Healer said...

do you have some reference sites that might be recommended?
I've never followed any PTC program, but imma be interested in it.more like..Should I make a specific blog or site that discusses anything about this program to be successful? and such.

any answer would be appreciated
thx b4

zoeyclark said...

hey ,this is zoey from triond. long time:)
I just saw your link from stumble upon. your blog looks amazing:)

unfortunately I did get scammed. Problem is, it didn't look too good to be true. Well, I was also testing a theory. I later wrote about it. And I published it on triond, bukisa and associated content. I am going to kick their butts, public relations style:)

Again, congrats on the blog!

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