Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bukisa Writers - Warning for you.

If you are an article writer and write for bukisa.com I hope you have read their rules, guidelines and TOS. I write this article as 2 of my friends who have been writing on the site for several months, were shocked when their bukisa content  was suddenly removed. They also got banned from the site.

They made the mistake of not reading the guidelines well. Please do not use Traffic Exchange sites with your bukisa.com articles. It is against their policy. In the case of both my friends, they started using traffic exchange sites. One person's content and bukisa account got deleted after a few articles. The other person had reached payout and was waiting to be paid. Then he realized that he could not login to his account and all his content too was deleted from bukisa. So all that hard work and effort was a sheer waste!

Please be careful and read the guidelines when you join sites, so that you don't end up losing money, time, effort and all that hard work.

Hope you have a good day! Happy earnings. :)


clickmarbin said...

i have the same experience, bukisa deleted my account and i don't know the exact reason why, im thinking it's because of the blog i tried to set up for my bukisa article ( bukisa allows republished content right ) , i also tried to use shoutmix...after an hour, my account was disabled.
bukisa is also not answering my inquiries regarding this situation. Im cool with my account closure, i am not just happy with the email support...they are not answering.
so sad

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