Saturday, May 8, 2010 - Minimum Requirement for Blog Approval: An Update

I hope your weekend is going rather well. Mine is much calmer than last week's. (Praise the Lord!)

On another note, I have an update for you regarding Since I was the one who wrote a blog post discussing why I loved it so much, I need to write about this update. In case you are planning to join Social Spark, ensure that your blog fulfills the minimum requirements, so that it gets approved immediately.

I learnt about the minimum requirements of Social spark regarding blogs the hard way *weeping*. My blog was rejected by Social spark a few days ago. This was because my blog did not fulfill the minimum requirement that they have. I don't want any of your blogs to be rejected like mine was. So I decided to write an update to let you all know what had happened. This way, you can learn a lesson from my case.

Social Spark's Minimum Requirement for Blog Approval (sent by Customer Love)

--In order for a blog to be approved into our Marketplace, it needs to be a minimum of 90 days old, and contain a minimum of 20 original, non-sponsored posts in those 90 days. This blog currently has less than 20 posts within the past 90 days.

So if/when your blog fulfills this requirement, go right ahead and apply at the site. If all goes well, the blog will certainly be accepted. You can then start earning.Once my blog fulfills the minimum requirements, I plan on applying to Social Spark again. I will keep you posted.
Happy earnings!


Babiesaandcontests said...

thanks for dropping by, oh this post is really interesting, too bad as of this date, i have not received any opportunity at social spark.

hopeful said...

My 2 blogs have been rejected many times sis but I didn't stop the race. Still Go go go till I reach what I wanted to reach. But there min. pay out is very high $50.

anyway, good luck to your blogging journey sis and thanks for visiting my blog.

Karawang said...

thanks for share..

Lula Foxx said...

I have been wondering about social spark also, it seems many bloggers work with them. Thanks for letting us know the requirements I will keep them in mind if I decide to sign up.

Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment, I guess we are like neighbors. I am following you now also.


Karen said...

I seldom received opportunity from Social Sparks since my PR dropped sigh.

Dhemz said...

pretty well said Rox....thanks for sharing the update...:)

btw, I grabbed your badge already....:) great to be here again!

Ads Star said...

Hey, Rox, how are you recently. Sorry for not that active for last week..Well, I am recover from sick now, and I am energetic now! haha....

By the way, I am dropping by your blog and would like to inform you that I had include your link in one of my blog post, I hope you don't mind. If you would like to read the post, here is the link:

Take care my friend, and wish you have a nice day! :D

media pendidikan said...

thanks for sharing my friend..

I'll try it

josie said...

my site was also rejected and I think they want to put a claim code within the template, which is a no no to one paying site I was registered to, w/c gave me regular opps, so I did not re-submit my site, don't want to risk losing my income fr. the other site.LOL.. thanks Rox for the reminder..

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