Monday, May 3, 2010 – Don't miss out on Paid Blogging at its Best

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

The niche of this site pretty much says it all. Yes, I have been looking for money making opportunities for a while. Yes, I like to share my experiences with people, so they too can join me in programs that are good and stay away from scams. Since I am writing a post on SocialSpark, you know it's a special site. Plus, what makes this post all the more special is that no matter what I write about, I am going to be paid for this post! Woohoo. Life is good. Wish I were paid every time I wrote the truth.

For the past month or so, I have been trying various ways to monetize my blog. I am so glad that a friend told me about Social Spark in one of the comments she left me. I signed up and I already know this is a great site. If it were a scam or did not pay competitive rates, this site would not have as many members.ha!

What makes Social Spark better than other paid to blog sites?
This is a question I asked myself before adding one more site to my "money making list". Once I signed up, it did not take me too long to realize why SocialSpark was different from the other paid-to-blog sites. The concept is the same. Advertisers pay you money to blog about their product/service/site. We bloggers make money, the advertiser gets exposure due to our blog post, and all's well.

But the beauty behind how this site works is that it doesn't have time consuming processes. The signing up process literally takes just a minute. You don't have a huge form with a 100 details to be filled in. Once you sign up and your account gets created, paste some code into your blog and that is it! Everyone who signs up gets an offer to write a  sponsored post about So you get paid for your first impressions of the site. You don't have to keep waiting, hoping that some opportunity will be sent your way. There is a "marketplace", where you can browse and select opportunities that interest you and are closest to your niche.

Another wonderful thing I noticed, is that you can connect with fellow bloggers. You can add them as "friends", leave feedback and so on. So why not Sign up for SocialSpark ?

It's Sidebar time
Like every other site, Social Spark has some guidelines too. So don't flout their Code of Ethics. Very simple rules are mentioned in their Code of Ethics.
 1. You need to let your reader's know that you are being paid for a post. This I think is great, as your readers will know that you are writing an honest article.
2. You need to give real, honest opinions. Dishonest posts are frowned upon. You write what you think is true.

The moment I receive my first payout, I will share the payment proof with you. So if you are unsure of Social Sparks at the moment, wait a while and I will update you.
Happy earnings!

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Dhemz said...

good luck to you Rox....:) I've been with socialspark for almost 3 years...I think...ehhehee....most of my opps came from them....

the only thing is ...most advertisers from SS prefers a blog that has a good traffic....are you familiar with real rank?

once your blog get should install the code that identifies your blog's real rank.....good luck!

thanks for the visit...glad to be here again!

Pilipinas Got Talent said...

Oh! I Suck at paid blogging.

The Twitterer said...

a friend of mine also suggested that I join socialspark. hmmm, i think i'll better wait for your update. LOL!

Yesta said...

Let see your payment proof, who knew I would be interested!

cant wait how it would be ;)

keep the spirit Rox!

Pinar said...

I just signed up through your link. I am a member at payperpost but it has all the negativies you described on your post. So good luck to us all on the payments in socialspark:)

Rebecca said...

well i haven't made a dime blogging, nobody clicks on my ads. I tried social spark but it was so confusing

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