Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hyifund.com - Scam

I have some not so great news for anyone who has invested money in Hyifund.com

This highly reputed hyip site that used to pay the interests like clockwork within 24 hours, has now stopped doing so.Not just this, they have introduced a new "Cycler" program, asking people to separately deposit funds into it. Looks like they need more money. "When an investment is made, it goes into the queue, which will be paid off as others join the 110% queue."  That is what is mentioned in how the cycler program will work. I have to say "Sorry Hyifund.com , I am not interested."

I have been checking up in several forums and everyone seems to think that Hyifund.com has indeed turned into a scam. Unless they arise from the ashes like a Phoenix bird, I request you all to stay away from this hyip site. If there are anymore updates, I will let you know.
Happy earnings!


onde-onde said...

how to know broker / blog scam or not, please review it.

melandria said...

thanks for dropping by to my site. looking for your visit to..

Ads Star said...

Maybe you should invest in this site, Rox.
Do a little bit research about it, I joined it long time ago, but haven't have chance to invest in it, because I am working hard to achieve my cashout at PTC site, then would like to invest my money from PTC site into this site. But, although I am not investing, as a member, I am still able to receive reports or update about their investment, when the cycler start and when the cycler end. It shows the user and investor clear about where our money going. Quite nice, the admin there, very active to update and communicate with user. So, I think maybe you should try this if you like to invest :)


p/s: you can choose not to publish this comment. I think is too long...haha... I am ok with it, because I wanna make sure you get my msg, that is why I like to re-visit your blog, read your article, and leave a comment or leave my reply about your comment in my blog =)

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