Monday, April 26, 2010

Meta keyword tags..I forgot!

Hey my adoable readers!
This post is important for every blog owner. It might seem to you that what I am writing is not related to making money, but in reality, online money making and the subject of this post are linked.

This is pretty much the first step in trying to get your blog's Google page rank improved. "Meta keyword tags"!

Blogs with better Google pageranks get so many more money making opportunities. People will want to advertise on your blogs, advertisers will pay you to review their products on your blogs and so on.You might be wondering why I am discussing about the importance of "meta tags" all of a sudden. Well, it is because I changed the template of this blog. During this process, I forgot to include the "meta keyword tags". I realized this just today. So I decided I might just write a note to all my readers.

Learn how to add the "meta keyword tags" to your blogger/ blog here:  How to add meta keyword and description to blogspot


Ads Star said...

Hey,Rox. Thanks for visiting and leave comment to my blog again. And thanks for sharing about Meta Tag. I had followed the instruction and edit my blog's HTML.haha...
Yes, of course you are very welcome to add my blog to your blog roll. Well, you give me one more good idea again, I can add a blogroll widget too! Can I add your blog too?hehe....

Wish you have a nice day yo!

metatrader said...

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Dhemz said...

thanks for swinging by on my blog...great to be here....:)

this post is very helpful...great reminder...thanks for sharing!

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