Monday, December 14, 2009

Tips on how to Save Money,Save Electricity, Save Water

A few days ago I was reading about what Phantom load or vampire electricity is. That is when I realized I had to share this with you. Check out How to Save Money, Save Electricity and Water . I have discussed about this 'Phantom load' and vampire electricity in more detail. If you use a laptop, have a cellphone, have other electronic devices like the TV then you have got to read this.  In todays times, most of us have all these things. You definitely have a computer, else you would not be reading this. If you don't know about 'Phantom load' , you are actually gifting money to your Electricity company. How sad, huh! LOL. Are you running your Washer or Dish washer on full load? If you are wondering, 'what the heck is she on about', I want you to go through tips that I have discussed. Do your bit for the environment and save money, in some simple yet effective ways.

This gist of it is this. Leakage power or vampire electricity of individual electronic devices like a printer, your laptop, TV, cellphone charger and so on is indeed small. But the sum of all  these currents is pretty significant in a house. So all you really need to do to save money in this department is to unplug these devices. Another great alternative is to use a switchable power bar or surge protector with multiple sockets. You can switch off several devices that are often used together- PC; monitor; printer, all with the click of 1 power button on the power bar. Reduce that Phantom load.



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