Monday, December 14, 2009

5 Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments-Have a ball!

It's Christmas time again. Yay! If you buy Christmas Tree Ornaments and Waste money, stop right now. Why go and spend your hard earned cash on something you can make at home with your family? Using some very simple and cheap things, you can create personalized Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments. So just get smart and creative this holiday season. Plus, you can spend time with your family. So check out how to make Christmas Tree Ornaments  and start doing it at home. In fact, take it another step. These tips will help you get started, you can take it beyond.

1. Styrofoam balls are where you start. Give them a sparkling look by spray painting them with gold and/or silver color. These silver and golden balls can now be used as homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments. Bend a  craft wire into ‘U’ shape to make the hook at the top. Push the ends of the wire into the Styrofoam ball, so that there is enough room to hang them on the tree. It’s as simple as that! Check out how to make more Christmas Tree Ornaments

2. Another simple do-it-yourself Christmas tree ornament would be icicles. All you need to make these icicles are beads of varying sizes and colors. Cut a small length of fishing twine and place a drop of hot/craft glue at one end of the twine. Take the smallest bead and slide it along the twine till it reaches the hot glue tip and sticks firmly. Apply hot glue on the twine just above the smallest bead and slide a bead which is just   larger. Keep doing this till you have a sufficiently large icicle. Once the 'bead icicle' is sufficiently long, place some hot glue on the twine. Stick the open tip of the twine with the hot glue and form a loop to hand it from the Christmas tree.



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