Monday, May 17, 2010 - Super-slow payouts

I am a member of and have been waiting for my first payout since 17-April-2010. Now that to me is a long time. I believe that they will pay up eventually. This is because in forums, I see people getting paid after a longer wait of even more than a month! So there is a ray of hope.

The talk of the web is that since they make manual payments and their member-base has become huge in a very short time-span, their payouts are slow. But this is like super-slow. Sheesh. Anyhow, I figured I don't have a thing to lose. So I keep checking the forums and get updates from my friends. Hoping for the best here too.

How has your experience with Gagabux been like? Do you like Let me know.

Happy earnings!


Couponing Grad Student said...

I have been waiting since April 29. I figure that it doesn't take that much time each day, and I won't try to cash out again until I get the first payment. I haven't decided how long I will wait but probably 6 weeks.

RyHeAnNe said...

Same situation with me, waiting payment since April 27, hopefully we are going to get paid sooner.. :)

Yesta said...

better be patience rox, i know ull get that cash out,
and, I'd like to ask you about Readbud, are they gonna pay us? coz i been doin some article reading and just not sure if they will pay me. but i hope they will.

hey hows up btw?

RiA said...

I thought mine was the latest but others are far more waiting longer than me. I requested mine May 1. Up until now, no payment and no answer from a support ticket with them at all. Hope they will pay us and resolve their payout problems immediately.

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