Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Bonus is what I won-You can win on New Years!

Share Let me start by wishing each and every one of you a very Merry Christamas! Ho ho ho ..I hope all of you have  a ball. I am here to share some rather fun thing that happened to me. I won $11.25 as a Christmas bonus from Trek Pay. This feels so cool and fun! I know I know.. $11 is not all that much. But then I won it, sitting on my hiney. haha. So I have no right to be greedy. Now that is a really nice Christmas present. Here is the screen-shot for anyone who does not believe me or in Trek Pay. 

    Can you see the cbeee3, as login? That is me on Trek Pay. 

 There is more Good news for New Years on Trek Pay.  They will be paying people on New years too! So if you are not a member- join up! You could certainly win. Sign up is free and even if you don't win this time, you can make $5/month by spending just 2-3 minutes everyday. Read about how that happens by checking out Christmas Bonus!: Easiest Money I Ever Made


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